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DTM to Launch Bespoke Software Platform & Android Operations App

DTM was formed back in 1992 at a time when desktop computers hadn't yet been invented and 6 years before Apple would release the first iMac desktop computer. Since then the business has progressed ever forward implimenting new technologies in parallel with in which they have become available.

25 years later the business makes use of just about any and all digital tools available to it. From in-house dedicated servers for the fast, efficient and secure storage of traffic management data to fleet telematics systems providing GPS tracking and data on how our growing fleet is operating at all times.

Now as the world moves ever closer to a digital age and data becomes the basis upon which some of the most important decisions about business and the wellbeing of people as a whole are made; DTM are committed to ensuring that the business takes full advantage of the benefits available through data collection and associated digital platforms.

As such 2018 will see the introduction of an in-house developed bespoke software platform which will integrate all office based activites with information needed for our operatives to work correctly and safely at all times. This transformation will take the business closer to it's target of a paperless business environment and will include an Android based application for our operatives on the road, increasing efficiency, improving on time scales and importantly the safety of our staff and the public that we encounter during daily activities.

direct traffic management news article

DTM Launch 2017-2018 Recruitment Campaign

Both finacially and structurally the period between 2016 - 2017 (our 25th year in business) has been the most successful to date. With a record for high the business's turnover, operation and employment rate combined with record low accident and incident rate: it's clear the business is working from a solid foundation upon which to expand. As of December 2017 and as a direct response to the success DTM has experienced of the last 12 months; we are today launching a recruitment campaign which will see our operative workforce double in size.

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