traffic management convoy system

Convoy Systems

A convoy system can be incorporated into an existing traffic management system such as traffic light systems, lane closures and road closures to safely escort traffic through a works area when a safety zone cannot be feasibly installed or maintained. By reducing the speed limit to 10mph and escorting traffic through the works with a convoy vehicle the onsite activities can progress safely. We offer various convoy systems from 1 car and 1 operative to multiple vehicles and operatives, all of which can be designed specifically to suit a client's requirement.

traffic management lane closures

Lane Closures

We undertake the installation of lane closures on any style of road .From a 30mph A road to a 3 lane closure on the M1 or M25. Our highly experience staff will execute each job with the professionalism and efficiency regardless of the size or setting . The closures can be tailor made and designed to incorporate other aspects of traffic management such as temporary speed limit systems, speed cameras, temporary containment barrier (please see temporary road restraint systems) and more. All lane closures are installed, maintained and removed in accordance with Chapter 8 guidelines and by fully trained operatives in accordance with the National Highways Sector Scheme 12A/B or 12D.

traffic management temporary barrier systems

Temporary Barrier Systems, Lining & Studding

Through our approved supply chain partners we are able to offer temporary barrier systems ranging from TVCB's to water filled barrier to pedestrian management systems all of which can be designed and installed to suit any requirement. We are also able to offer a full temporary lining service including blacking out, temporary lining, temporary studding and reinstatement all of which can be implemented in any environment ranging from high speed contraflow systems to complex urban environments.

traffic management stop go systems

Stop/Go Systems

Various stop/go systems are available on all speeds of single carriageway roads, from manually operated 1 man static systems to 4 and 5 man systems dependent upon your requirements. Mobile works stop/go systems are also available incorporating an Impact Protection Vehicle when required which can be utilised to suit various slow moving mobile operations such as lining operations or gully maintenance. All operatives undertaking stop/go operations are trained to Sector Scheme standards.

traffic management traffic light systems

Traffic Light Systems

We offer various types of traffic light systems for all speeds of roads, from 2 way systems to multiphase 3 and 4 way systems with multiple heads. All equipment uses the latest radio link, battery powered technology, guaranteeing 500m between signal heads and where required we also have generator cable linked sets which are available upon request. All of our equipment is owned and maintained by ourselves and our dedicated team of engineers. If a system is required that doesn't match a standard set-up we can design and implement a bespoke system tailored to your needs. All traffic light systems can be taken on hire or can be installed maintained and removed on a daily basis by a dedicated traffic management crew and unlike many other traffic management companies we allocate operatives to a shift and they remain on that site until the works are complete. A full call out facility is available and an engineer can be contacted 24/7 so that in the event of a breakdown an immediate response is guaranteed.

traffic management diversions

Road Closures, Diversions and Provision of Gatemen

We can design and install any type of road closure for any requirement whether it is a 5 sign diversion around a town centre or a 300 sign diversion for the closure of a key route or motorway. All works can be tailored to suit a client's needs and can be designed to incorporate gatemen or ambassadors where required. A gateman's role can be developed to suit the site environment and access requirements as specified by the client, such as gatemen on all point closures, handouts to pass to motorists or even access passes to hand to residents in advance of the works. All of our operatives undergo additional training designed in house for interacting with members of the public in all possible circumstances such as diverting motorists away from key locations on complex road closures. Our operatives are fully experienced with these types of situations and are able to deal with and resolve issues on site when they arise, many including difficult circumstances where a member of the public has isn't familiar with the area and is unsure of where to go. Our operatives are able to manage these situations with ease and provide a point of contact for our clients, they are polite, courteous and well presented when dealing with members of the public, often providing an invaluable service.

Contraflow and Narrow Lane Systems

Various types of contraflow and narrow lane systems can be designed and installed dependent upon your needs, whether that be on a Highways Agency dual carriageway/motorway or a Local Authority dual carriageway. We can also offer various other services associated with this type of works such as temporary lining/studding, speed cameras, vehicle recovery services, temporary containment barrier and the provision of Traffic Safety Officers.

Scheme Design and Consultancy

As part of a traffic management scheme or as a separate entity we are able to provide a full consultation and design capability. We can attend site visits, pre-tender meetings and offer full support to any client either working on a tender or planning works in advance. We can also liaise with authorities, submit forms and applications and do letter drops on behalf of any client.

Here are a few of our design service examples in PDF Format

RB of Kensington and Chelsea

LB of Hounslow A3 Great West Road by Windmill Road

LB of Hounslow A4 Great West Road / Clayponds Lane

Tesco Quay Street Fareham

Event Management

Our experienced employees offer the design and implement traffic management to suit various types of event management. We incorporate consultation, provision of drawings and the manufacture and installation of event specific signage. We currently supply event traffic management for football stadiums, concerts, the UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country World Cup and several other national and regional events. With Hull city of culture underway we are proud to be part of the journey in assisting with all of their TM requirements

Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV) Hire

Impact Protection Vehicles are available on hire with or without a fully qualified Sector Scheme 12a/b IPVdriver, please call for details.

Portable Variable Message Signs (VMS)

We can install, manage and maintain several types of portable variable message signs incorporating the latest in solar powered technology, suitable for all uses such as event management, speed restrictions and as part of the larger schemes.

Sign Manufacturer

We have our own in house sign manufacturing capability and can manufacture and install/deliver a wide variety of temporary signage.